Workshop with WAYDI WAYDE (Criminalz Crew , France) @ Academy Of Dance (05/12/15)

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Στα πλαίσια του Battle Of The Best Thessaloniki o Waydi Waydi έρχεται στην πόλη μας

για 2 μοναδικά σεμινάρια στην Academy Of Dance.

Place : Αcademy Of Dance , Βαλαωρίτου 7 , Θεσσαλονίκη

Τime :
1st Workshop 12:30-14:00
2nd Workshop 14:30-16:00

1 Workshop – 20 EURO
2 Workshops – 30 EURO
Without Booking / On spot – Tην ίδια μέρα του σεμιναρίου
1 Workshop – 25 EURO
2 Workshops – 35 EURO

Δηλώστε συμμετοχή :
-Στο τηλέφωνο Επικοινωνίας της σχολής 2311208796
-Στο Inbox της σελίδας μας στο FB
-Στην γραμματεία της σχολής μας

Bio (English) :
Waydi Wayde, also known as WAYDI, is a young talented dancer from France who met his passion “the dance” while he was still a child.

Native from south of France (Montpellier), he has grows in the parisian suburb and knew how to stand out and assert itself in the Hip Hop world thanks to his unique style and his energy coming from somewhere else.

He joins his first crew of dance “Pop N’ Brothers” in 2008 thanks to his mentor Cjm’s where he forges his experience on the stage with several shows.
In 2009, he joins the big family “Cosec Crew” where he had the opportunity to surround himself of the biggest and to train hard under the attentive eye of Playmo.
Finally in 2010, he’s the last recruit of the renowned french crew “Criminalz ” where he shows his ability as a real criminal of the dancefloor and quickly becomes one of the numerous icons of this crew.

Only his real friends and his family know on which point he worked hard and continues to work to develop his universe and his projects.

Overflowing of imagination and of conviction, Waydi is well decided to leave his trace in the Hip Hop world..
Winner of :

– FUSION CONCEPT WORLD FINALS 2015 (2vs2 All styles), Paris/FR (Aug.2015)
– Area 47 Battle, (1vs1 Hip Hop), Krefeld/Germany (Aug.2015)
– NOTHING2LOOZ BATTLE, (6vs6 All styles), Toulouse/FR (Apr.2015)
– “Ready Or Not Concept” (5vs5 all styles) with Criminalz Crew, Paris/FR (Sept.2014)
– “BATTLE BAD 2014”, Sarcelles/FR (Sept.2014)
– “FUSION CONCEPT WORLD FINAL”, Paris/FR, Cabaret Sauvage (Aug.2014)
– “BEAT DANCE CONTEST”, Paris/FR, La Gaité Lyrique (Jun.2014)
– “240 Battle” (3vs3 all styles) with Criminalz Crew, Paris/FR (Nov. 2013)
– “DEFIPAYETTE” (1vs1 all styles), Cannes/FR (Aug. 2013)
– “JUMP OFF” (5vs5 all styles) with Criminalz Crew, London/UK (Jun. 2012)
– “Young Battle” (3vs3 hip hop) with Criminalz Crew, Paris/FR (Febr. 2011)
– “Battle Glazart” (4vs4 hip hop) with Criminalz Crew, Paris/FR (Oct. 2011)
-“Battle BAD” (1vs1 hip hop), Sarcelles/FR (Sept. 2010)
– “Battle Tino School” (2vs2 hip hop), Paris/FR (May. 2009)
– “Battle 78” ( 2vs2 hip hop ), Paris/FR (Febr. 2009)

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